On-Demand Classes and Mini-Classes

After nearly two decades designing and teaching face-to-face and online college courses for a variety of institutions, we’re now creating online classes of our own at ReasonIO.

We work with a variety of online course platforms to provide engaging learning environments, courses, lessons, and resources in multiple formats.  Click on any of the links below, and you’ll see the full selection available in that format and platform.

ReasonIO Academy philosophy classes  – sited on the Teachable platform, these classes are for students who would rather study and learn at their own pace.  They also provide rich online content, including videos, lesson pages, handouts and worksheets, reflection questions, and quizzes to assess your understanding.

Curious.com Lessons and Micro-Courses – for learners who don’t have as much time available, we have selections of Dr. Sadler’s course lectures broken down into 10-20 minute lessons, complete with questions to test your understanding, helpful links, and handouts on the materials.  Curious also offers “micro-courses” anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours in length.

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