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New 8-Week Online Course: “Aristotle On The Moral Virtues”

For the first time in years, I’m not teaching academic classes over the summer. That frees me up to do something I’ve wanted for quite some time. It’s also something that quite a few people have been asking me to do as well. I’m offering online classes in my Study With Sadler academy. Two of […]

Guest Appearance – Image For Hire Show

Last night, I went on the Image for Hire show, hosted by The Skrauss at Riverwest Radio here in Milwaukee.  We ranged over a number of topics, starting from how philosophy offers us models we can use in order to understand ourselves as human beings and to progressively work upon ourselves. If you’d like to […]

World Philosophy Day in Milwaukee

To celebrate World Philosophy Day, we had a panel discussion here in Milwaukee – focused on the topic of “Philosophy in Real Life” – hosted by Mitch Teich of Milwaukee Public Radio.  We had some excellent discussion, ranging over a number of connected topics! If you’d like to watch or listen, you can do so […]

Roundtable Discussion on Stoicism and Creativity

Recently the Stoic Creative held a panel discussion on Stoicism and Creativity, to which I was invited as one of the guests.  We ranged over quite a few interesting topics. If you’d like to watch or listen to the recording, you can find it here.

Stoicism and What is “In Accordance With Nature”

The Center for Ethics and Entrepreneurship invited me back again to give three lectures on Stoic philosophy and practice.  Two of the talks were reprisals of the popular topics I chose for last year (The Basics of Stoic Ethics and Stoicism, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship), but I did put together one entirely new one.  This focuses […]

Philosophers In The Midst of History – Friedrich Nietzsche

We finished up the second year of our quarterly series, Philosophers in the Midst of History by focusing on Friedrich Nietzsche and the issue he felt would be the most problematic for the 20th and 21st century – nihilism.  The lecture was titled “Friedrich Nietzsche, the Apex of the West, and the Threat of Nihilism”. […]

Stoic Week Event – Applying Stoicism In the Workplace: 5 Strategies

The New Acropolis-Chicago invited me down to give a lecture and discussion for their students and interested community members during International Stoic Week.  In keeping with the main theme of Stoicon, I decided to focus on applying Stoicism in the workplace. If you’d like to watch or listen to the discussion, you can do so […]

Dealing With Difficult People at Work: Stoic Strategies

While at Stoicon 2017 this year in Toronto, I provided another workshop on applying Stoic Philosophy – “Dealing With Difficult People at Work: Stoic Strategies”.  We had a packed room, and some excellent discussions about how to actually use Stoicism in the workplace. If you’d like to watch the video, you can do here.

Worlds of Speculative Fiction – C.L. Moore

We continued on with our monthly series on philosophical themes and narrative worlds in speculative fiction, this time discussing the works of Catherine Lucile (C.L.) Moore.  She was an innovative writer, particularly adroit at introducing emotion, and – since she also co-wrote with her husband, and both of them used pseudonyms – a somewhat tricky […]

New Video Series – Sadler’s Honest Book Reviews

I’ve started a new video series, which I’m hoping will continue indefinitely – Sadler’s Honest Book Reviews.  The first book that I reviewed is by a colleague and friend – though I didn’t take it easy on him – William Ferraiolo’s Meditations on Self-Discipline and Failure. You can watch the video review here.