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Tom Richey Podcast Interview

Just recently, I went on Tom Richey’s podcast, discussing the recent controversy about statues of confederate military officers, history and racism, Trump’s “many side” remark, from a Stoic perspective If you’d like to hear this interview, you can listen here

Death Hangout Interview

Earlier this summer, I went onto the Death Hangout show, hosted by Olivier Lavor and Keith Clarke.  We had a great conversation spanning over life and death, what Stoic philosophy has to say about these matters, and the emotions that tend to become involved. If you’d like to listen to the interview, click here

Worlds of Speculative Fiction – H.P. Lovecraft

After missing one session due to illness (on Octavia Butler – rescheduled for December) – we resumed our Worlds of Speculative Fiction talk series, hosted by the Brookfield Public Library.  We had a great discussion of this highly influential author of “weird” fiction. If you’d like to watch or listen to the recording, you can […]

Thomas Hobbes, English Civil War, and Modern Political Theory

Earlier this month, we held the seventh session in our series, Philosophers In The Midst of History, focused this time on the life, times, and thought of the great early modern philosopher, Thomas Hobbes.  His political theory – the main points of which we discussed – emerges out of the conflicts and uncertainties of early […]

Interview With The Daily Stoic

Here’s a recent interview I did with Ryan Holiday’s The Daily Stoic.  Some good questions, and some rather longish answers.  If you’d like to know about the kind of work I do at present, how I got into it, and my views on things Stoic, then give it a read!

Podcast Interview – Reaping Benefits of Philosophy, the “Easy Way”

Here’s another recent podcast interview with me, part of Samuel Osborne’s “Think Like A Thought Leader” series – you can listen here. I should clarify that I don’t actually think that it’s easy simply to become a philosopher, as the title of the episode might lead you to think – but I do think that […]

Podcast Interview – Stoicism and Anger

I recently appeared as a guest on Justin Vacula’s podcast, discussing the topic of what Stoicism has to tell us about productively dealing with the emotion of anger.  We also strayed into a number of other related topics as well. If you’d like to hear the podcast episode, you can find it here.

Heloise The Scholar – Women You Should Read

Continuing on with the new quarterly talk series at the Shorewood Public Library, I discussed the few writings we have by, and the very interesting life of, the 12th century scholar, love, and nun Heloise. Her tragic love affair and marriage – with the philosopher Peter Abelard – provides the focus for her writings about […]

Stoicism Today – In Accordance With Nature

I recently authored a follow-up piece in Stoicism Today, continuing the discussion of an issue often confusing for modern readers – what the Stoics mean by “in accordance with Nature”. Here is the new piece – Musonius and Epictetus on “In Accordance With Nature” And here is the earlier piece – What Does “In Accordance With Nature” […]

Worlds of Speculative Fiction – Iain Banks’ Culture Series

We continued the monthly series, Worlds of Speculative Fiction – Philosophical Themes, with a session earlier this month focused on a new author, Iain Banks, and his “Culture” series of novels.  This set were a bit challenging – no recurring characters or even plot lines through the series! If you’d like to watch the video-recording, […]