What We Do

ReasonIO was founded by Greg Sadler and Andi Sciacca as a platform for putting philosophy into practice.  We take resources from complex and often difficult philosophical texts and thinkers, and make them accessible to non-philosophers, turning them into useful tools for application, reflection, decision-making, action.  Classical and contemporary philosophy offers valuable insights, concepts, and practices for improving individual lives and perspectives, institutions and workplaces, or processes and discussions.

Our work with ReasonIO involves several main activities:

Speaking and Workshops:

We provide a variety of lectures, facilitated discussions, and workshops aimed at a wide range of audiences, from the general public to university honors programs, from professionals in the workplace to seekers working out their own spiritual growth, from people fulfilling continuing education requirements to others who want to improve, enrich, and better understand their own lives and relationships.

Content Production:

For years, Greg has built a highly popular philosophy-focused YouTube channel, and has recently spun off a new channel on Critical Thinking, Logic, and Argumentation.  We also produce and provide a variety of other electronic and text resources to help people and institutions in studying, understanding, and applying philosophy.

Philosophical Consulting:

Bringing a philosopher into your conversations, planning, and processes helps to introduce a unique set of skills and competencies.  In certain cases, we are employed as subject matter experts — for example, helping an institution understand, infuse, and assess Critical Thinking.  In other cases, we contribute by bringing clarity, facilitating communication, asking key questions that aren’t being raised, and suggesting seemingly outside-the-box solutions.

Philosophical Counseling:

Greg is an APPA-certified philosophical counselor, adept in using philosophical resources to help clients more thoughtfully understand and make decisions about themselves, their lives, their work, relationships, and even further education.

Tutorials and Academic Coaching:

Greg also offers 1-on-1 tutorial sessions, assisting students with classes, assignments, and texts in areas such as philosophy, ethics, critical thinking, religious studies, rhetoric and argumentation, and political theory.  He also works with professionals and lifelong learners who want to design their own self-directed study in these areas.  For students who need support and guidance beyond what their academic institution provides, Greg can provide academic coaching.


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