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Do you need help understanding difficult books, thinkers, ideas, and issues?  Are you finding yourself struggling in a class?  In over your head, as you work through a research project or paper?  Or, would you like to study classic or contemporary philosophy with an expert?  Dr. Sadler can be your guide!

Drawing on decades of experience and expertise in teaching and tutoring, Greg provides one-hour 1-on-1 tutorial sessions for students, lifelong learners, and professionals.  He also works with those interested in self-directed learning and enrichment, helping them design individualized courses of study, and meeting with them when needed to discuss the texts, thinkers, and ideas upon which they choose to focus.

All sessions are pre-paid by students through Paypal. You can purchase a single session, or purchase multiple sessions at a significant discount.  The fee structure for sessions is as follows:

US$80.00 for each single 1-hour tutorial session

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US$350 for a block of five 1-hour tutorial sessions

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US$600.00 for a block of ten 1-hour tutorial sessions

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Purchased tutorial sessions or blocks are not refundable.

Tutorial sessions can be conducted online via Skype, Zoom, Google Meet or (when locally) in person.

Sessions may be booked by contacting greg@reasonio.com to arrange a suitable date and time for meeting, once sessions have been purchased.Time spent outside of sessions developing written resources (e.g. reading lists, question banks, self-study guides) or reviewing texts and other documents for tutorial clients may be counted against time booked as tutorial sessions.

Greg is highly competent to provide tutorial sessions in the following areas:

  • Historical figures and texts in Philosophy, from Plato and Aristotle through the Medievals up to Modern thought
  • 19th and 20th Century Continental Philosophy (e.g. Hegel, Nietzsche, Heidegger, Lacan)
  • Critical Thinking, Logic, and the Theory of Argumentation more broadly (including classical Rhetoric)
  • Ethics and Moral Philosophy (including areas of Professional Ethics)
  • Social and Political Theory (including classics of Sociology like Marx, Durkheim, and Weber)
  • Philosophy of Education
  • Philosophy of Religion and Philosophical Theology
  • Comparative and World Religions
  • Other areas in Religious Studies (e.g. Religion in America)
  • Selected Literary Works
Purchase Sessions
purchase single 1 hour session $80.00 USD
purchase five 1 hour sessions $350.50 USD
purchase ten 1 hour sessions $600.00 USD
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