Academic Coaching

For current or prospective students, for academics, and for other professionals, Andi and Greg bring to the table decades of experience and successful involvement both in traditional academia and in the wider world of organizations, entrepreneurship, and social media.

Academic coaching involves assisting our clients with their challenges, projects, decisions, research, or planning.  These include, as examples:

  • Assisting potential students to research, make decisions about, and apply to schools or programs.
  • Advising students about their potential career paths and prospects.
  • Reading, reviewing, and providing critical feedback upon written work.
  • Dissertation, thesis, and research coaching
  • Working with academics to identify and market their areas of expertise for non-academic settings and careers.
  • Effectiveness coaching, prioritization, and decision making for academics in positions of leadership or management.
  • Preparing traditional academics for transition to effective online or hybrid course development and teaching.
  • Helping non-academic professionals determine paths of continuing education, development, and transitioning into traditional academia.

Academic coaching time with the ReasonIO team can be scheduled by emailing  An initial 20-minute consult session, during which we discuss and determine the services the client requires, is offered free of charge.

Our rates for academic coaching sessions, research time, and review time are US$100 per hour.  For longer-term or larger-scale projects, we may offer reduced rates to clients.


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