Talks/Workshop Series

In recent  years, we have provided a number of themed talk series connected with philosophy in one manner or another. Several of these series are still ongoing.

We videorecord these lectures and discussions so that a much wider audience beyond that of our local participants can peruse, enjoy, and benefit from the talks.  Click on the links below to go to the pages for each of the series – you’ll find all of the videos for that series, and in some of the cases, additional resources as we build these pages out.

Worlds of Speculative Fiction – Philosophical Themes: this is an ongoing monthly series hosted by the Brookfield Public Library, in which we discuss classic and contemporary science-fiction, fantasy, and horror authors, the narrative worlds they create, and some of the philosophical themes dealt with in their works.

Philosophers in the Midst of History: this ongoing quarterly series, hosted by the Frank Weyenberg Library, focuses on important philosophers and their historical contexts.  Many of these philosophers have particularly close connections with social, political, and religious developments of their times.

Understanding Anger – Philosophical, Theological, and Literary Perspectives: this was a series of nine monthly lectures and discussions, hosted by the Kingston Public Library, examining classic treatments of anger in the western world, ranging from Greek epic and tragedy through Jewish and Christian religious texts, to Greek, Roman, and Christian medieval philosophy.

Glimpses Into Existence – this was a series of twelve monthly lectures, hosted by the Kingston Public Library, focusing on eleven thinkers central to the Existentialist movement in philosophy, drama, and literature.


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