We have started offering free monthly ReasonIO webinars to the general public.  Each of these webinars are roughly 45 minutes long and are focused on a topic, text, and thinker that provides the focus for the longer 2-hour intensive online seminars for that month.

The webinars are scheduled at 12 PM Central Time at the dates provided below.  Each consists in about 20-25 minutes of lecture and focused discussion on the topic, followed by plenty of time for Q&A.  If you can’t make – or for some reason miss – the webinar, that’s not a problem!  We’ll be recording them and making those recordings available for those who would like to watch them later on.

Each of the webinars is hosted on the ReasonIO online meeting space.

March 14 – Aristotle on Virtues and Vices (Nicomachean Ethics, books 2-4) – view videorecording of webinar

April 25 – Aristotle on Types of Friendship (Nicomachean Ethics, books 8-9)- register for this webinar in advance

May 16 – Epictetus’ Dichotomy of Control (Enchiridion and Discourses)

June 6 – Jean-Paul Sartre on Freedom and Responsibility (selections from Being and Nothingness)

July 18 – G.W.F. Hegel’s Master Slave Dialectic (the Phenomenology of Spirit, paragraphs 178-196)

August 15 – Plato on Love, Sex, and Politics (The Symposium)

September 12 – Mary Wollstonecraft on Women, Men, and Virtue (Vindication of the Rights of Women)

October 17 – Epictetus on Choice and Character (Enchiridion and Discourses)

November 14  – Friedrich Nietzsche on Three Noble Responses to Life (the Birth of Tragedy)

December 12 – Thomas Hobbes on the Human Conflict and Political Authority (Leviathan, books 1-2)

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