Online Seminar – Jean-Paul Sartre on Freedom and Responsibility

In this intensive online seminar, Greg will lead participants in study of a central issue in Jean-Paul Sartre’s classic Existentialist work, Being and Nothingness (get a copy here) – human freedom and responsibility.

This is quite a long and dense work, so we are only going to focus in on selected passages of the book.  It can also be useful to read Sartre’s more popularly-oriented lecture, “Existentialism is a Humanism”.  We will look at Sartre’s conception of radical freedom, the in-itself and the for-itself, facticity, determinism, and the freedom of other people.

We will take scheduled pauses for question and answer during the presentation, and have a longer question and answer period towards the end.  Participants will receive downloadable handouts and worksheets on the topics, and will be able to access a recording of the seminar afterwards.

You might find watching this lecture on “Existentialism is a Humanism” and this handout on existence and essence useful as a preparatory introduction to Sartre’s thought on these matters.

Enrollment in the seminar is restricted to 12 participants, and costs US$49.00.  To register, or to get on our list for future seminars, click here.

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