Online Seminar – Epictetus’ Dichotomy of Control

In this intensive online seminar, Greg will lead participants in study of a key doctrine of Stoic philosophy, Epictetus’ Dichotomy of Control.  We will focus on Epictetus’ discussions of this matter in his Enchiridion and in his Discourses.  We will also reference William Irvine’s proposed “trichotomy of control”, found in his A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy.

  • what things are in our control from a Stoic perspective
  • what things are outside of out control from a Stoic perspective
  • the consequences of confusing what is in our control and what is not
  • our prohairesis (faculty of choice), desire and aversion, emotions and beliefs
  • external matters such as reputation, wealth, and the body as “indifferents”
  • common objections to the dichotomy of control
  • Irvine’s proposed “trichotomy of choice”
  • how uses of things outside our control is something in our control
  • what we can do to develop effective control

We will take scheduled pauses for question and answer during the presentation, and have a longer question and answer period towards the end.  Participants will receive downloadable handouts and worksheets on the topics, and will be able to access a recording of the seminar afterwards.

Enrollment in the seminar is restricted to 12 participants, and costs US$49.00.  To register, or to get on our list for future seminars, click here.

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