Our “Philosophers in the Midst of History” series continued with its sixth session, this time focused on the early medieval philosopher, Boethius.  We discussed his Consolation of Philosophy and the historical circumstances that led up to it – his being accused of treason, imprisonment, and later execution under King Theodoric’s government. If you’d like to […]

One of the key ideas in Stoic Ethics – about which there tends to be a good bit of confusion – is “living in accordance with nature.”  I recently published a piece in Stoicism Today discussing what the classic Stoics – in their own words – had to say about the subject.  You can read […]

Earlier this month, we met for the sixteenth session in the Worlds of Speculative Fiction series, this time discussing the narrative world and philosophical themes of Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern series (focusing mainly on the first books in that series).  We had an excellent discussion – not least since some of the participants had […]

While I was up at St. Anselm College last weekend, presenting at the 6th St. Anselm Conference, I had the opportunity to hang out with a professional musician and professor, Scott Tarulli – someone who started out originally as a tutorial student, and who has become a good friend in the process (particularly given how […]

At the Stoicon conference coming up this October, Andi and I will be providing a workshop, Dealing with Difficult People At Work – Stoic Strategies. Stoicism Today is doing interviews with all of the Stoicon speakers.  If you’d like to read mine – discussing my interest in Stoic philosophy, how I use it in my work, and why […]

We have just opened two new courses for enrollment!  Here they are: Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, books 1-5 – $99.00 Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, books 6-10 – $99.00 You can also save $29 by purchasing them together in a course bundle.  Together, the two courses include 94 lecture videos, 38 lesson pages, 27 downloadable handouts, 10 quizzes, […]

We finished up the month of March with a talk at the Shorewood Public Library, kicking off a new quarterly series there – Women You Should (Have) Read.  For the first lecture and discussion, we examined the life and the correspondence of Elisabeth of Bohemia. Her story is fascinating – her family is right at […]

I was invited to provide a Women’s History Month lecture on Mary Wollstonecraft, an often overlooked woman philosopher, social theorist, and virtue ethicist.  We had some lively and enjoyable discussion while celebrating Wollstonecraft’s all too short life and career. Videorecording of the entire session can be found here.  The slides from the presentation are also […]

I got asked a great question by Clifford Lee Sargent – what are the three books that changed your life?  – for the very first session of his podcast (the video of which you can see here). It took a lot of thinking on my part, and I eventually settled on three classics of virtue […]

Our monthly talk series – Worlds of Speculative Fiction – continued with a fifteenth session on Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series (“a trilogy in five parts”).  We had some excellent discussion of the narrative universe Adams created, the nature of comedy, and some of the paradoxes of time travel. If you’d like […]