At the very end of January, I participated in a discussion focused on a particularly timely work by Jean-Paul Sartre, his play The Flies, with the people over at the Noetic platform. We had a great conversation about the text, the characters, how it fits in with some of the key themes of Sartre’s existentialist […]

Donald Trump was sworn in last Friday, and proceeded to give an augural address that had been billed ahead of time as a “philosophical document”.  I have provided some philosophical analysis of some of the key themes of the speech, including President Trump’s nationalistic vision for America under his administration. You can watch an hour […]

NPR’s program To The Best of Our Knowledge reaches about 200 or so radio stations nationwide.  I was recently contacted by their producer, who asked if they could use a short excerpt from one of my videos for their program that aired earlier today, on the notion that “Hell is other people” – Jean-Paul Sartre’s […]

Offered the opportunity to contribute guest posts to the Partially Examined Life, I decided some time back to start by addressing an issue that comes up perennially with students and in online Stoic groups – Epictetus’ distinction of what really is in and what is not in our power.  This frequently gets called the “dichotomy […]

We kicked off the second year of our Worlds of Speculative Fiction talk series by discussing Philip Jose Farmer’s Riverworld series – here’s the videorecording of the session. We’ve also created a set of pages here on the ReasonIO site specifically for the ongoing series – both for the local participants and for the much […]

Back last Fall, I gave an invited lecture at the Institute for Ethics and Entrepreneurship (Rockford University), on Stoicism, Ethics, and Entrepreneurship – mainly for the business students there.  I’ve just now edited and released the videorecording – and here it is.

Kicking things off in 2017, I’ve published a new class in the ReasonIO Academy – World Views and Values.  This is a popular and high-demand course I developed and taught online several years for a highly-ranked college.  I’m making it available now worldwide for a fraction of the cost – widening access to education is […]

I’ve started writing as a guest blogger for an excellent site, Policy of Truth, run by by friend and colleague, Irfan Khawaja, over at Felician College.  Policy of Truth tends to focus most on cultural and political issues and theory, but the entries have a pretty wide range.  Best of all, the discussions tend to […]

I posted earlier in my main blog, Orexis Dianoētikē, a piece about ten oft-quoted passages of famous philosophers who are far less often read than cited on these points.  How many of these have you seen in your social media streams or in blog posts? I’ve also included a challenge at the end. . .

We finished out our year-long public lecture series on Worlds of Speculative Fiction with a talk focused on George R.R. Martin’s as-yet unfinished Song of Ice and Fire (AKA Game of Thrones) series.  Excellent and lively discussion as usual.  If you’d like to see the video, here’s the link. I should add as well that […]