Understanding Anger

These nine videos are the recordings of a set of monthly talks provided in what was intended to be a year-long series (cut short by our move from New York to Milwaukee), hosted by the historic Kingston Public Library.  Each of these popular talks includes some lecture and a good bit of discussion with the participants in the series, and the entire set focuses upon the topic of anger.

I’ve been researching the topic of anger for over a decade, and a good portion of that research – in fact some of the most enjoyable bits of it – have involved studying ancient and medieval theories and discussions of the emotion.  So, I decided to provide an entire series of talks for a general audience engaging with ancient and medieval philosophical, religious, and literary sources for understanding anger.

What you have here, available for free, for anyone who wants it, is in effect a short course examining nine classic perspectives on the emotion of anger.  There is about 17.5 hours of footage total.

Here are the videorecordings of the nine sessions, along with a selection of the handouts provided.

Session 1 – Anger in Greek Epic and Dramatic Poetry

Session 2 – Anger in Biblical Literature

Session 3 – Anger in Platonic Philosophy

Session 4 – Anger in Aristotelian Philosophy

Session 5 – Anger in Stoic Philosophy

Session 6 – Anger in Epicurean Philosophy and Literature

Session 7 – Anger in Middle Platonic Philosophy

Session 8 – Anger in Early Christian Philosophy and Theology

Session 9 – Anger in Thomistic Philosophy and Theology

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