Philosophers in the Midst of History

This is an ongoing quarterly series, started in 2016, hosted by the Frank Weyenberg Library, in which we focus upon important philosophers within their historical contexts. We discuss some of their key ideas and their connections with cultural, social, political, and religious developments, events, and figures of their times.

Here are the videos for the 2016 sessions:

The 2017 sessions will be videorecorded and linked to here as they become available.  Here are the sessions that are scheduled:

  • Plato, Athenian Democracy, and Philosophy (February)
  • Boethius, King Theodoric, and the Middle Ages (May)
  • Thomas Hobbes, The English Civil War, and Modern Political Theory (August)
  • Friedrich Nietzsche, the Apex of the West, and the Threat of Nihilism (November)
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