Online Seminar – Aristotle on Virtues and Vices

In this intensive online seminar, Greg will lead participants in study of Aristotle’s analyses of good and bad moral dispositions, the virtues and the vices.  We will work through a number of topics that are discussed in Aristotle’s classic work of moral theory, the Nicomachean Ethics, books 2-4:

  • what virtues and vices are and what they apply to
  • how virtues and vices fit into human nature
  • the doctrine of the virtuous mean
  • the distinction between being virtuous and acting in accordance with virtue
  • how virtues and vices are developed
  • the role of pain, pleasure, desires, and emotions
  • the specific virtues and vices

We will take scheduled pauses for question and answer during the presentation, and have a longer question and answer period towards the end.  Participants will receive downloadable handouts and worksheets on the topics, and will be able to access a recording of the seminar afterwards.

Enrollment in the seminar is restricted to 12 participants, and costs US$49.00.  To register, or to get on our list for future seminars, click here.

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