200+ Students Enrolled In Epictetus Class!

Since we opened the Epictetus’ Enchiridion – Ancient Philosophy & Peace of Mind online course (hosted in our new ReasonIO Academy on Teachable), we’ve seen quite a few students enroll in the class.  At this point, while I write this, it’s 235, and by the time this post appears, several more will likely have enrolled.

After two weeks, a few of the students have completed the entire course.  There are over 1,150 “lecture completions” – times when a student engaged with one of the course resources (videos, handouts, quizzes, etc.) and marked it complete – and that’s a good sign. It means that there’s a LOT of student engagement with this course!

If you haven’t checked out this free class, you might want to.  And, stay tuned – we’re going to be offering several other classes in the ReasonIO Academy later on this month!

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