Worlds of Speculative Fiction – Ursula K. Le Guin

Continuing on with the Worlds of Science Fiction – Philosophical Themes lecture series, hosted monthly at the Brookfield Public Library, we focused on the “Hainish Stories” (called because they all take place in a common narrative universe, in which humanity originated from the planet of Hain).

We had some excellent and very engaged discussion of philosophical themes inseveral of the novels, with particular attention paid to the Left Hand of Darkness.  If you’d like to  watch the video-recording, it is available here


  1. fcbertrand · · Reply

    Considering that she had world renowned parents who were anthropologists, and went to the same high school as Philip K. Dick, whom you are covering in October, I believe (and I interviewed way back in 1981), it’s great to see some open-minded, cogent coverage of philosophical ideas in science fiction, without dense PoMoese language. Thank you much.


  2. You’re welcome. I am indeed covering P.K. Dick quite soon, with Moorcock coming first


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