Survey Results Are In – Aristotle Wins!

Viewers, subscribers, followers, and even former students have been asking me when I’ll start offering online courses again.  We’re planning on offering our first one, hosted on ReasonIO, starting May 1.

Last week, I created and sent out a survey to get some insights about the levels of potential student interest in a variety of courses I’d be interested in teaching (you can see the results here).

By far, the highest, almost across-the-board interest, was in the 6-week Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics course.  So that is what I’ll be starting with, followed by its close second, a 4-week course on Friedrich Nietzsche’s Birth of Tragedy.

I’m very excited to be developing these courses, which we’re going to offer totally online, at rates students can easily afford, with all of the features that I think a high-quality philosophy course ought to have – and on texts and thinkers I’m very interested in!  We’ll have updates and provide more information as we build out and open enrollment for the course. . .


  1. chryssa g. · · Reply

    What a wonderful list of classes you are considering offering! Looking forward to enrolling!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Glad to read it!


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