Anselm Article Recently Published

In traditional academic publishing, there tends to be a bit of a time-delay between a paper being initially produced and presented, and its later ultimate publication.  So, it is certainly worth celebrating when an article comes out.

In this case, it is my essay “Is God’s Justice Unmerciful in Anselm’s Cur Deus Homo?”, which has just been published in the Fall 2015 issue of the Saint Anselm Journal (vol. 11, no. 1).

This piece represents the second part of a scholarly triptych of essays exploring Anselm’s views on the interrelation between divine justice and divine mercy, a topic which he addresses in several main places in his works.

The first part, focused on the Proslogion, and to a lesser extent, the Monologion, was published nearly a decade ago.  I delivered the third part last summer at the Reading Anselm International conference, and am in process of revising it for publication in a volume of the conference proceedings.

I am also working on a larger book-length project on the topic, and hope to have a manuscript finished sometime in 2017.

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