Hegel Party

Over the last two years, I’ve been involved in a rather laborious project, which at this point will take several more years to complete – the Half Hour Hegel video commentary series.  These are a sequence of 25-35 minute HD YouTube videos, available for free, worldwide, providing my commentary upon one of the most difficult and dense texts of Western Philosophy – G.W.F. Hegel’s Phenomenology of Spirit.

To date, these 95 videos have been viewed roughly 65,000 times, for a staggering 3/4 million minutes of viewing time!  So, people are getting their use out of them, and my hope is that still more people will for decades to come.

With video #95, we finished up another major section of the work.   To celebrate this milestone, in addition to the Hegel Q&A Google+ hangouts I hold twice a month (one for the general public, the other for Patreon supporters), I’m hosting a “Hegel Party” hangout, Sunday, Jan 31, 2-3PM Central Time.  Once I open the hangout, I’ll share the link on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter – so if you’re interested in attending, you’ll want to check in with on of those social media around 2 PM.

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