Our Stoic Week Event And Videos

Today marks the end of the international celebration of Stoic Week 2015 — a worldwide set of events, classes, and other activities whose goal is to introduce a broader, not-necessarily-academic public to Stoic philosophy as a means for living a happier, less troubled, more productive, better ordered kind of life.

Here in Milwaukee, we organized a Stoic Week event, offered at the Hudson Business Lounge.  I provided a talk, Four Components of a Happy Life, in which after briefly narrating some of Stoicism’s history, I set out four key Stoic ideas developed by one of its most important proponents, the philosopher Epictetus, and then fielded questions and comments.

We videorecorded the talk and turned it into the video for Day 5 — another activity I engaged in over the course of Stoic Week was producing a series of seven YouTube videos, one for each day of the week.  Here are the rest of the videos:

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