More than 20,000 Subscribers in the Main YouTube Channel

Last weekend, we passed the 20,000 subscriber mark in our main YouTube Channel – an important milestone when you consider that it is an academically-focused channel, providing low-tech, non-glitzy, longer-than-the-experts-recommed lecture videos.

So, I created a video in which I thanked viewers and subscribers, talked a bit about why it was such a great development, told outlines of the story of how I got started (with a lot of support and encouragement from Andi), and speculated a bit broadly about what else might be done with the medium.  Quite a few people wrote almost uniformly positive comments, sparking some interesting conversations over the last day and a half.  Here’s some particularly interesting comments.

I missed my chance to take classes this summer at CC, so I’m just taking it a little easier, but also getting some cheap books on my Kindle and going over them with your videos, to keep up on my interest in philosophy. — Jacy Gouveia

I think you’ve hit upon something that I’ve been thinking of over the past few years – there’s a high demand for for this type of educational and high quality content.  It almost feels like cheating to me that I’m getting what is essentially a full college-level course lecture in the comfort of my home presented in a way that is easy to digest and understand — Keirnoth

Sometimes it’s nice to reflect on all the possibilities that the Internet and Youtube in particular have given us. As with many things, we don’t usually realize that but if you actually stop and think about it, it is really wonderful and inspiring. — Pavel Dvoryankin

It’s nice to have educators online who are real people that take the time to engage with learners/viewers, the mega-classes beamed out from the elite institutions are a bit faceless and impersonal for me. — Paul J Kimberlee

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